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P O Box 417, 56 Water Street
Grand Bank, NL  A0E 1W0

Tel: 709-832-1574   Fax: 709-832-2227

The only provincial memorial dedicated to the memory of those who have lost their lives at sea, the Provincial Mariners' Memorial also pays tribute to the strength of those left behind. The life-size bronze female figure (created by renowned sculptor Luben Boykov) is set in the Memorial Garden, a beautiful spaced defined by trees, landforms, and rock terraces. It also has a symbolic shoreline of beach rocks defining a water channel, which contains names of lost mariners etched onto stainless steel plagues submerged within. It is a serene place of quiet contemplation of the past and the sacrifices given by men and women throughout the century and more of seeking a living from Newfoundland waters.