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P O Box 417, 56 Main Street
Grand Bank , NL  A0E 1W0

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The Grand Bank Heritage Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, presenting and publishing the rich history of Grand Bank. The Society operates the George C. Harris House-Museum of Local History, located at 16 Water Street and the Provincial Mariners' Memorial Garden which is located of the grounds of the George C. Harris House.



The Mariners' Memorial is a project of the Grand Bank Heritage Society. It is our goal to erect a world-class monument and construct a memorial garden to honor lost mariners and to pay tribute to the thousands of Newfoundland women who had to endure the loss of their men in shipwrecks. 

Given that Newfoundland & Labrador has more than 500 years of marine heritage and has lost thousands of mariners and fishermen in shipwrecks, the Society believes that an appropriate tribute and memorial must be erected to commemorate and pay tribute to those brave souls.








The Mariners' Memorial

The George C. Harris House was built in 1908 and is a restored Queen Anne-style merchant's house with a widow's walk. Inside the house, the public can take a guided tour, visit the craft shop where local goods are sold, or spend time in the Interpretation Centre (which holds information on mariners lost at sea). Outside, one can walk around the grounds and read a story board detailing the early history of Grand Bank, look at donors' plaques, and gaze at the anchor from the ship Mabel Dorothy.