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Saint Pierre Ferry
Contact Person: Regie Transports Maratimes


Saint Pierre et Miqeulon, 97500 Saint Pierre et Miquelon  

Tel: 709-832-8766 or 011 508-419899   Fax: 709-832-8766 or 011 508-419895

Website: or

Ferry - St-Pierre / Fortune NL - St-Pierre / Miquelon - St-Pierre / Langlade «Le Cabestan» serves the ports of Fortune (Newfoundland) and Miquelon in 1 hour each crossing. «Le Jeune France» serves Langlade (1 hour crossing). Tickets Saint-Pierre Tél. +(508) 41-98-99 Fax +(508) 41-98-95 Tickets Fortune NF Tél/Fax +(709) 832 8766