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Contact Person: Ruth Cluett, Town Clerk

P. O. Box 70
Garnish, NL  A0E 1T0

Tel: (709) 826-2330   Fax: (709) 826-2173


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Point Rosie ATV Trail, Garnish Bakeapple Festival and Long Ridge Hiking Trail

Location:  Garnish lies along the western shore of Little Garnish Barrisway, a natural harbour protected by a spit of land and two breakwaters. Philip and Charles Grandy are believed to be the first setters to settle in Garnish. They were born in Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom. It is believed they first settled in St. Pierre, but were forced out by the French in 1763. Garnish, as we know it today, was known as "Little Garnish" and Frenchman's Cove was known as "Great Garnish". Nobody knows exactly how Garnish got its name.

The first Official census of Newfoundland, taken in 1836, shows that Garnish had a population of seventy-six people. In the Census of 1921 the population was recorded as 665. When the resettlement program began in the 1960's the people of Garnish welcomed the former residents of Point Rosie. The resettlement of Point Rosie increased the population of Garnish considerably.