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Winterland, NL  A0E 2Y0

The Winterland EcoMuseum provides the public with approximately seven square kilometers of protected area that has been divided into four natural  habitats.  They include the Wetland, Forest, Aquatic, and Barren.   A fifth habitat  looks at the interaction of man with the other four habitats and has been labeled the Cultural Habitat.   Each habitat offers visitors an opportunity to become familiar with the  plants and animals that live there and the importance of the habitats to the Ecomuseum. The boardwalk provides an opportunity for people and groups of all ages and abilities to tour the site and experience the beauty it has to offer the public.  The staff at the Ecomuseum is also very active out in the communities around the Burin Peninsula.  Their   presentation will inform listeners of the need for conservation of our habitats and the role of the Ecomuseum in the community.  Guided tours can also be arranged at the museum upon request.




From the Trans Canada Highway turn onto route 210 which will bring you to the Burin Peninsula. On the Burin Peninsula drive to the community of Winterland.  Approximately half a kilometer from the intersection on route 222 you will come to the entrance of the Winterland Ecomuseum.