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P O Box 29
Lawn, NL  A0E 2E0

Tel: 709-873-2349/873-3131/873-2173   Fax: 709-873-3006


Lawn Heritage Museum The Town of Lawn boasts a small Museum with displays of the fishery, military, and outport Newfoundland living. Uncle Paddy's Dory is a great outdoor introduction to the many attractions inside. An old outport kitchen with potbelly stove and oil lamps, wedding dresses, and sewing machines are just some of the lifestyle articles found at The Heritage Museum. HISTORY OF LAWN The Town of Lawn is located on the Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland and Labrador. Lawn is spread around a small harbor in a relatively lush valley. According to one local tradition it was this lushness that inspired Captain James Cook to name the place Lawn Harbor. But it has also been speculated that a Frenchman named this community after a doe caribou that he spotted there. Lawn is a community whose survival over the past two hundred years has depended entirely on the fishery. The abundance of fish in the water surrounded Lawn attracted seasonal fisherman from France, Portugal, Spain and England. These fisherman came over in large fishing ships and returned to their homelands in the fall. This type of migratory fishery continued to exist on the Burin Peninsula well into the eighteen hundreds. However, in 1763 an important event occurred which had a tremendous impact on the development of permanent settlements on the Burin Peninsula. This is when the history of Lawn begins