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Contact Person: Loyola Pomroy

Woody Island
Woody Island, Placentia Bay, NL  A1N 4N1

Tel: 709-364-3701   Fax: 709-745-4937
Toll Free: 1-800-504-1066


Location:  Woody Island, Placentia Bay

Mailing address: Woody Island, 14 Westminster Drive, Mount Pearl, NL   A1N 4N1

Enjoy a boat tour to a resettled Newfoundland Outport. Have a picnic on a deserted island, enjoy Newfoundland music and chat with local fishermen.

Paddle a kayak or row a rowboat along the coastline, explore a scenic island, old graveyards and secluded beaches and participate in numerous other outport activities.

Overlooking Woody Island harbour

Old Woody Island Road

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