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Bird watching and berry picking. Sunsets and tidal pools. Widowsí walks and Marinersí tales. Fishing, fossils and a ferry ride to France.

Drop by the Frenchmanís Cove viewpark for a quick lesson in beach ecology. Discover why the sea and the shore are always at war. Then, slip off your shoes, roll up your pants, and join in the fray. Later, at Grand Bank, stroll the streets and admire the townís impressive collection of heritage buildings, or set sail with a visit to the Provincial Seamenís Museum. Next, continue on to Fortune, home of the Fortune Head Ecological Reserve. Learn all about this internationally significant fossil site at the Fortune Head Interpretation Centre. Ready for something completely different? Fortune is also the gateway to the French islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Hop on the ferry. A little piece of France is just a short ride away. Donít miss your chance to walk on the wild side. Head west along Route 222 to the Winterland Ecomuseum. Explore the outdoor exhibits and keep your eyes and ears open. The trails, boardwalks and bird blinds are a great place to see all kinds of flora and fauna.
Activities & Attractions...
Garnish - hiking, sport fishing, geology, bird watching, lighthouse,
ATV trail Frenchmanís Cove - hiking, camping, geology,
golf, bird watching Winterland - hiking, museum,
camping, nature viewing, bird watching Grand Beach -
hiking, bird watching Grand Bank - hiking, museum,
lighthouse, theatre, heritage structure Fortune - hiking,
museum, geology, lighthouse, ferry (to Saint Pierre),
camping, visitor information

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