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Homemade bread and milky tea. Mittens knit by Nan. A boat ride to an island home. Fresh trout sizzling in the pan.

Back on Route 210, youíll find the Livyerís Lot viewpark. Park the car, browse local crafts and enjoy a home cooked meal. Discover resettlement Ė a controversial program that changed the face of rural Newfoundland - and its role in the history of Placentia Bay. Want to learn more? Check out nearby Paddle House, a resettled home that now serves as a testament to early outport life. Or, take a side trip to Petite Forte. Itís one of the few Placentia Bay communities that resisted resettlement. Itís also the departure point for the South East Bight ferry. Hop on board. Then, hike the trail to the resettled communities of Little and Great Paradise.
Off the Beaten Path...

Boat Harbour - hiking, sport fishing, bird watching, museum, ATV trail Brookside - sport fishing Petite Forte - heritage structure, sports fishing, ferry, hiking South East Bight - hiking, bird watching, whale watching, ferry Parkerís Cove - ATV trail Baine Harbour - hiking Rushoon - hiking, whale watching, ATV trail Red Harbour - hiking, sport fishing, whale watching, ATV trail

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