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Shore birds and harbour seals. Quiet lanes and coastal paths. Berries by the bucket load. A tsunami and its aftermath.

Visit the Point Crewe viewpark to discover what lies beyond our shores. Learn a little about the Grand Banks and their role in the lives of the people who work and live along this coast. Hear the tale of November 18, 1929 and discover what happened the night the sea came in. Next, continue south along Route 220 and experience the Burinís Eastern Hyper-oceanic Barrens. This landscape, which stretches locally from Lories in the east, to Corbin in the west, is part of a small, distinct ecoregion found only on exposed headlands in eastern Newfoundland. Take a stroll along one of the regionís spectacular coastal trails and discover a land shaped by the sea.
Local Highlights...

Lordís Cove - nature viewing Taylorís Bay - sport fishing Point Au Gaul - hiking, nature viewing Lamaline - sport fishing, nature viewing, museum Allanís Island - lighthouse, memorial High Beach - hiking, geology Point May - hiking, geology

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